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The Search for WondLa
Tony DiTerlizzi
Jon Clinch
Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt
Chris Hedges, Joe Sacco

The Hobbit

The Hobbit - Just finished reading this one with my daughter. First time revisiting Bilbo since I was a kid. We'll both be in line opening night for the movie.

xkcd: volume 0

xkcd: volume 0 - Randall Munroe Just good fun nerd humor.

This Is How You Lose Her

This Is How You Lose Her - Junot Díaz Love the Junot Diaz.

How Music Works

How Music Works - David Byrne The ultimate in music nerd-ery. How Music Works Makes the reader think about music in new ways.

So Different Now

So Different Now - Ben Tanzer I recently finished this one over a couple of cold beers at Thirsty's. While most (all?) of these stories are included in New York Stories, I enjoyed revisiting them again in the stand alone So Different Now format. A great place to start with Tanzer's work and a necessary stop for the Tanzer completists.

Full Body Burden: Growing Up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats

Full Body Burden: Growing Up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats - Kristen Iversen A good account of a complex environmental issue. I would have liked more technical discussion and information.

Gone Girl: A Novel

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn Whoa!

This American Life

This American Life - Ben Tanzer This is a collection of short pieces of a comedic bent. Stand outs like Ira Glass Wants to Hit Me, Hate You, and Jesus Walks get at "deeper stuff" beneath the funny. More good stuff from Tanzer. Check it out.

Calico Joe

Calico Joe - Read most of this in one sitting while watching the Braves drub the D-Backs. Worse ways to spend a Friday night.

Ten Thousand Saints

Ten Thousand Saints - Could this be the best book I'very read all year? I think it is.

My Father's House: A Novella

My Father's House: A Novella - Ben Tanzer Whoa.

99 Problems

99 Problems - Ben Tanzer The best book about running and writing that gives me a shout out that you'll read all year. 5 stars *****Also: I now feel a burning need to lace up my running shoes. And write.

Black Postcards: A Rock & Roll Romance

Black Postcards: A Rock & Roll Romance - Dean Wareham Read my review here:http://www.largeheartedboy.com/blog/archive/2008/03/book_review_bla.html